Sahibzada Baba Ajit Singh Library and Museum at paonta sahib

  • Sahibzada Baba Ajit Singh Library and Museum at paonta sahib

    Guru Gobind Singh Composing LitertureGuru Gobind Singh Composed Voluminous Literture(Bani) and translate the ancient Literature into simple language a letter wrritten to Emperor Aurangzeb in Persian.

    Guru Gobind Singh killing maneater lion
    At Paonta Sahib before the Raja Fateh Shah of Garhwal Sri-Nagar, Madiney Parkash king of Nahan and their warriors, Guru Gobind Singh ji Killed a dangerous maneater lion with his sword in a single Stroke.

    Muslim devoteeA large number of muslims were also his great devotees. Pir Budhu Shah, a resident of Sadhaura lost his two sons, one nephew and many disciples in the bettle of Bhangani. Guru Gobind singh ji blessed him with 'Kanga' ( Small comb ) alongwith his pious hair, Siropao and Hukamnama.

    Guru ji drewing his swordIn 1699 on the day of Baisakhi at Anandpur Sahib before a vast congregation the Guru drew his sword and demanded one by one five heads from his devotees.

    child-Guru.jpgAs soon as Pir Bhikhan Shah saw the infant Gobind ji, he bowes before him and placed before him two earthen pots containing Sweets. One of these had been brought from a Hindu Halvai While the other was from a Muslim's Shops. The infant Gobind covered on pot with his right hand and the other with his left hand. Then he looked at the pir and smiled. Peer Bhikhen became ecstatic and bowed before the child Guru in deep reverence. The young prophet will treat both the Hindus and the Muslims alike. The Muslim devine esoclaimed.

    Sahib Dewa Ji
    Mother OF Khalsa Panth "Sahib Dewa Ji"