About Paonta Sahib

  • Gurudwara sri paonta sahib paonta sahib Paonta Sahib, a holy place for the Sikh community, doesn't really need any description. This sacred place is situated on the banks of river Yamuna.
    There are many stories on the name "Paonta Sahib". The first says that the place got its name from the lost ornament that Guru Gobind singh used to wear on his foot, called Paonta. Another story says that Guru Gobind Singh stopped at this place and spent around five years at this place(between 1742 and 1746). Earlier this place was called Paontika Sahib,"Paon" meaning Foot and "Tika" meaning placed. Thus the place aquired its name when Guruji placed his foot at this soil.

    Paonta Sahib is a growing township with many industries coming to this fertile belt. This place is one among the three important tourist destinations of Sirmaur District.The township of Paonta Sahib is easily accessible via road network .