Gurudwara paonta sahib-Dastar Asthan

  • To the left of Kavi Darbar Asthan and in the front of Harimandir Sahib you shall find Gurdwara Dastar Asthan. It is located near the stairs on the bank of river Yamuna. This place was used to hold turban tying competition. Guru Gobind Singh Ji also used to award the persons who tied the best turbans.
    Gurudwara sri paonta sahib Kavi darbad
    This place also has other historical relevance related to itself. This Dastar Asthan was the place where Guru Gobind Singh Ji recited Sodar Sahib. Guruji distributed salaries to his warriors at this very place.

    When Guru Gobind Singh Ji became victorious at the Battle of Bhangani Sahib, he sat at this place and acknowledged the valour and sacrifices done by his warriors. He also awarded them with shields full of gold coins for their great work.

    Guru Gobind Singh Ji also awarded Pir Budhu Shah for his sacrifices towards the cause of Sikhism. He was given Siropa and 65000 gold coins as a token of appreciation. All these acts were performed at Gurdwara Dastar Asthan.

    Once Guru Sahib was combing his hair before tying the turban and Pir Budhu Shah was watching him with great internal pleasure.Guruji told Pir Budhu Shah that he was very pleased with his work and wanted to give him anything of his choice. To this Pir Budhu Shah got up and requested Guru Gobind Singh Ji to give him his comb with the entangled hair so that he could see the image of Guruji whenever he felt like. This act also happened at the sacred Gurdwara Darbar Asthan.